Welcome to our new web site!

We are taking preorders for the new 2009 dolls from
Hildegard Gunzel,
Heidi Plusczok,
R. John Wright,
and The Doll Maker. .

Please email us at sales@ttdolls.com with your order or for more information.

bullet Berdine Creedy

bullet Susie Eimer

bullet GADCO

bullet Good-Kruger

bullet Gorham

bullet Gunzel

bullet Annette Himstedt

bullet Heidi Plusczok

bullet R. John Wright

expand/collapse Sissel Skille

bullet2008 editions

bulletEarlier editions

expand/collapse Susan Wakeen

Signature Collection (20-21" vinyl)

Story Book and other collections (8-18" vinyl)

bullet Xenis

bullet Zapf Creation

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